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Bottle conveyor

The bottle conveying system can deliver a wide variety of products (such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, etc.) in the established production line, and ensure the products are in good condition and ensure the continuous and stable production. Its important components include multi-lane to single-lane pressure-free conveyor belts, bottle inspection platform, cull platform, buffer platform, storage platform, conveyor belt up and down slope and so on.

Full bottle non pressure delivery
Empty bottle non pressure delivery
Storage Platform
Cull Platform
Disposal of fallen bottles

Project Description: Improvement of conveyor belt to achieve automatic excluding of fallen bottles;
Result: Realizing automatic separation of fallen bottles, reduce conveyor belt downtime and safety risks in fallen bottle handling.

Lane divider

Project Description: Implement bottle curve operation through a splitter to reduce collisions;
Result: Reduce noise and improve working environment; Reduce collisions and improve complaints caused by broken bottles.