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Case conveyor

The box conveying system can transmit various packaging products (such as plastic box, cardboard box, plastic film, etc.) in the established production line, and can keep continuous production. Transmission system is generally used to transport the roller conveyor, chain plate conveyor, ball chain conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, belt conveyor, etc., for the integrity of packaging products have a good protective effect. The whole line box conveyor system mainly includes: the box body turning structure, box cull platform, automatic box replenishment structure, sub box structure, box differential structure, container pressureless accumulation platform and so on. Box conveyor system has an independent control system, during the production and application process, the production line speed can be controlled in time; At the same time, the conveying speed of the box conveying system can be variable frequency and adjustable, which has good adjustability for the occurrence of box squeezing and jamming faults during the production process. Quick line changing device project description: One click wire changing, eliminating manual wire changing; Reduce the wire change time from small packaging to large packaging (wrapping machine) result: The wire change time is reduced by 80%.

Small package transportation
No transitional transportation of small packages
Quick line changing device
High-speed lane dividing machine

The ball mesh belt lane divider jointly developed and manufactured by Xiangshan Dayu and Budweiser is controlled by servo to change the angle of the ball, and then generates left or right power through the friction between the lower ball and the upper ball, achieving double or multiple lanes.

Skateboard lane divider

Using skateboards for lane separation, suitable for 3x4/4x6 cardboard boxes, film packaging, plastic box packaging, and counting methods for lane separation.

Mesh belt combiner

Using mesh blet to join the lane, suitable for various small packages such as 1x3/2x3 cardboard boxes and film packaging, using servo motor switching, conveying speed 80-120 packages/minute.

Conveyor belt curve

The bend of a conveyor belt usually refers to the curved part designed in a conveyor belt system to change the conveying path of materials or products. This design is commonly used to guide straight conveyor belts in different directions, or to connect multiple conveyor belts together to form a continuous conveying path. The design of conveyor belt bends requires consideration of multiple factors, including the material, tension, speed, curvature radius, etc. of the conveyor belt. Correct design can ensure smooth operation of the conveyor belt at bends, reduce wear and failures, improve conveying efficiency and service life.