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Single machine series

Beauty machine

During the production, sales, and recycling process of beer bottles, scratches and collisions can cause discoloration on the surface, affecting the appearance, grade, and sales of the product, resulting in the need to purchase a large number of new bottles. The Xiangshan Dayu Beauty Machine series products are specially developed by our company to solve this problem. The Xiangshan Dayu beauty machine is installed after the labeling machine, and the installation height, production capacity, and bottle specifications are all adjusted freely. This machine has a high degree of automation, low cost, and significant results. The Xiangshan Dayu beauty machine series products are designed reasonably, operate smoothly, and have low operating noise. We have multiple models with different specifications to meet different usage conditions and requirements. The production capacity ranges from 24,000 bottles/hour to 52,000 bottles/hour, which is suitable for the normal use of various production lines in domestic distilleries.

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